mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi (2017)

Label: Nuclear Blast


1.Vortex of Infinity – Axis Mundi 
2.Spirit Guide          
3.The Sacred Geometry    
5.Transcendental Paradox          
6.Mirror of Humanity          
7.Ascendant 04:44 
8.Epigenetic Triplicity        
10.Orion (Metallica cover)
11.Desperate Cry (Sepultura cover)

12.Infecting the Crypts (Suffocation cover)

Another substandard album in 2017 after listening and viewing Suffocation - Of The Dark Light  and Immolation  Atonement ………………                                       Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi again the same method selling just new albums
which becomes a habit or custom with an unsatisfactory content and sometimes just passable and boring if one does not mean blameworthy positive thing is the production is state of the art, the band the sound is perfect ! , I was chocked when I see in some webzines fucking stupid people says : I have no doubt about this. Decrepit Birth‘s 2017 output is very possibly the best death metal album of the year and without question it is undoubtedly my favourite release of the year !!!!!!!!!!fuck fuuuuck ! you ,are you drunk !!!!
This album consists nine tracks, and three covers! Featuring sci-fi and wrong psychedelic  artwork …..I don’t find the real Brutal Death Metal orientation only in track six  Mirror of Humanity the only track who can satisfy your ear the only track without fucking melody and modern sound who seems to djent followed with slow atmosphere, speed up of riffs progressively , Some voices can be heard in the background the rest tracks of this album ideal to throw a way ……………in brief Decrepit Birth turn in this album to Progressive, Melodic  death métal with technical touch adding new modern wrong way ……….
I think Mirror of Humanity can remind you the earliest days of the band’s career
but the sound is not completely identical.

 I don’t know how define this album exactly … In any case , I don’t think if you should have  Axis Mundi in your collection.